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Retaining Walls

Outdoor Environments installs many different types of retaining walls which  include: 

  1. Armour stone walls- Local limestone or Manitoulin Boulders
  2. Natural stone walls – Local Guillotined Wall Stone or Random Drywall
  3. Retaining wall systems – Precast Walls  

What type of retaining wall you choose is dependent on a number of different factors. These factors are size of area being landscaped. The elevation of the  area. The design of your home or cottage to create balance with the surroundings  and of course the preference of our client.  

We provide our years of expertise to ensure the right choice of retaining wall is  installed. Please take the time to look at the different types of photos listed on  our Gallery page under retaining walls to help guide you on what each of these  walls look like and what will be the best suited for your landscape project.

Retaining Walls